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10 Questions To Ask When Looking for a Great Wedding DJ!

  1. Are you available? Begin your phone call by indicating the date, time, and location of your special event. No sense talking any further if there is a scheduling conflict!
  2. How much do you charge? Be certain that you understand their basic fee, overtime charge, due dates for deposits and balances, times for arrival and music. Remember that “You get what you pay for!”.
  3. Do you have wedding reception experience? With sufficient experience, a professional disc jockey will be able to act as your Master of Ceremonies and smoothly guide your celebration from start to finish allowing you time to relax and enjoy your reception as a party.
  4. Do you offer a written schedule of events? Does this timeline allow you to customize your reception by adding, deleting and changing the order of certain wedding traditions?
  5. Will you play song requests? It’s your party! Will your prospective music entertainer cheerfully accept your suggestions? Do they provide a play list with a wide variety of songs that you can choose from? Will they play additional CDs that you may want to provide?
  6. What is your appearance and equipment? Does your entertainer usually wear a tuxedo, a sport coat, or a T-shirt and jeans? Find out ahead of time and make your preferences known! Regarding their equipment, determine if the disc jockey uses today’s technology (Hard Drives, wireless microphone).
  7. Are they respectfully competitive? How do they promote their company? One of the basic tenants of good business is positive promotion. Does the entertainer prefer to emphasize the positive advantages of his company…or does he jump at the opportunity to belittle his competition with negative misinformation? Real professionals know which promotion technique is best. So do Brides and Grooms!
  8. Do you have a presentation folder? Perhaps no better clue in helping you decide which music entertainer to choose is the actual paperwork that they send to you in the mail. If this prospectus includes helpful, well organized, and informative material to assist you with the planning of your reception, and a complete and easily understood contract, then your search may be over.
  9. Can we make a personal visit? You should be able to schedule a personal visit where you will be able to informally discuss your reception’s timeline, music preferences, view a video of a recent performance, and learn more about their entertainment company.
  10. Do you regularly keep in touch? After you formally schedule a music service with a signed contract and deposit, do they follow-up? Do they ignore you until the week of your wedding, or do they continue to contact you monthly? After your event, do they send an evaluation form to receive your feedback on their performance?